1979 Volkswagen Beetle Convertible

Victoria, BC V8T1E5


Primary Vehicle Information
  • Price $24,995
  • Mileage 38000 (Miles)
  • Exterior Color Mars Red
  • Interior Color Black Leather
  • Fuel Type Gasoline
  • Doors Two
  • Vin 1592041316
Vehicle Description

1979 VW Beetle Convertible

This stunningly original example of the last year of production for a Type 1 Beetle Convertible was sold to its first owner in March 1980 in Evansville, Indiana by D. Patrick Imports Inc. This gentleman remained its custodian until 1988 when it surfaced at a dealer in Palo Alto, CA (see gallery for copies of Bills of Sale). There are service records that follow in the name of the second owner up to 2003 and there was a gap until there is a record of it being imported into Canada Apr/2008 to Vancouver Island to who we believe to be the 3rd. owner. This individual only appeared to have ownership for a very short time as there is the last owner appearing on a Bill of Sale from a VW dealer in Victoria B.C. who I represent today on a clear B.C. title.

This car is untouched both on the exterior(Mars Red) aside from minor stone chips on the bonnet and polish through marks on license plate lamp shroud on the engine lid (see gallery photos).There are no visible corrosion either on top surfaces nor underneath in all the usual areas(floor pans, trunk pan ,fender wells, running boards, etc.)one invoice present with the file is a rust proofing application when the car was new (Bodyguard Rust Inhibitor-5 year warranty) this obviously was a good investment! The interior seating, carpets, door panels, dash cap, soft-top, boot top cover, are original as are all the seals throughout and are in pristine condition. Tires are BF Goodrich Silvertown, 165R15, all glass, lenses, instruments etc. are intact and operational. Car runs like it was when it was new! As it was fitted with the 48HP, fuel injected 1600cc air cooled motor(#AJ147090), chassis (#461 9461),Transmission(#113 301 3011031)this definitely is numbers matching car according to internet information research.

Included in the sale are invoices for servicing throughout its life that substantiate mileage, owner’s manual, keys, tools, brochure,3 Bills of Sale, and the original spare tire of course! Amongst the service invoices is one that refers to a clutch replacement in 2010 when a rear main seal failed and tainted the clutch disc (replaced as well as a reseal) at 25240 miles no other major work has been done other than brakes last year (front) and rears are still above 40%, and oil changes once a year. As is the case in most of these cars, moisture somehow finds its way in and there is a musty, mildew odor. This one still smells fresh somewhat like a new one would! The tires (will add brand tonight) are all about 75-80% and still have the little nubs poking out on the edges of the tread!

What a survivor! The best example that I’ve ever run across in 40 years in the automobile business. Patina like this on a 38-year-old car is unheard of.  The previous owners or custodians should be congratulated for maintaining its originality throughout and leaving any small imperfections that exist alone!  Don’t miss this opportunity to own a very exceptional VW Beetle, last of the North American originals!

Price: $24995